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Ballet I 

3 -Early 4 years

A new and fun way to experience Beginner Ballet! We will discover basic movement qualities, starting with a structured warm up and playing with dynamics like fast-slow, big-small, high-low, etc. We will learn the fundamentals of this style by emphasizing basic ballet positions and steps. A wonderful way to introduce your child to the magic of classical ballet.

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4-5 years

This class introduces the student to Ballet  fundamental techniques. The first part of the class will begin with Ballet basics, emphasizing the essential elements needed to build a strong foundation to progress in dance. The focus is on balance and coordination, strength, flexibility, and proper body alignment.   Students will learn basic ballet  vocabulary, beginner barre, warm up and center exercises.   The techniques learned in class provide the student with the basis for all dance styles.

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6-8 years

This class builds upon basic Ballet fundamentals.   Students will begin with exercises at the barre and move to center work while improving coordination, proper body alignment, balance, and strength.    The last section of the class will be dedicated to improving technique needed for dance sequences and combinations.   The skills learned in class are the basic foundation for any dance class.   This class culminates in a performance event at the end of the semester.  Prior dance related class recommended or instructor permission.

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Ballet IV and Pointe Fundamentals
                   12-14 years 

Pointe is a continuation of intermediate Ballet technique class.  Students will learn basic conditioning exercises required for pointe shoes.  The class will take place at the barre and move gradually toward center work as the students gain confidence and strength.  

Must be 12-14 years of age, be enrolled in at least two ballet classes a week and have instructor permission to be advance to pointe class.   Students who are not studying with Danceworks can enroll with director approval.


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